November 2010 – News in pictures

Amongst other animals, ten new pups came to us in mid November. 3 out of the 10 have been rehomed in good homes. Families are being considered for the remaining 7. We reckon that the 4 female pups will end up staying behind as people prefer male pups.

Here are a few pictures from our place in Almora.

The dogs getting eager…

The 7 new pups get their stomachs full with a mixed diet of vegetables, rice and cottage cheese.

The older dogs eagerly wait their turn..

The naughty ones need to be kept away from the others at mealtime. These two were rescued around the same time and are almost the same number of months old, but are extremely naughty and fight with eachother for domination.

Some have to fed separetely for their peace


October 2010

Some new pictures from Kamini, October 2010