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Uttrakhand woman has 50 stray dogs in her house

ALMORA: For the past 25-26 years, a woman at Almora in Uttrakhand has been providing shelter to stray dogs in her house.
Kamini Kashyap, an advocate by profession, takes care of around 50 stray dogs.
Whenever she spots any stray dog suffering, she brings it to her house and takes care of it along with other dogs.
Kamini who feeds and cleans the dogs just like her own children inherited this benevolence from her mother who is now no more in this world.

“Just like a devotee who worships God, I am devoted to these dogs. What I do for them is my worship. I might compromise my own work, but not theirs whether it is feeding them or cleaning them,” said Kamini.

Kamini receives help in her task from Kamla who prepares food for these animals.
“I get up in the morning, cook food for them, feed them and also make them drink water. Then I start with my daily work. This is how I spend each day,” said Kamla.

Kamini is not happy with the apathetic attitude of the Government towards the stray animals. She feels strongly about the need to do something for their betterment.



Bhaumik Pashu Suraksha works towards stopping the illegal transport and slaughter of cattle in and around the Almora region. In addition, the organization is working to rescue lambs and baby goats from being slaughtered as a sacrifice at the various prominent temples.

Kamini Kashyap, an unsung hero

Advocate Mrs. Kamini Kashyap has been working for self aided organization for around 30years. Her house has become an asylum for all kind of stray, abandoned and wounded animals. She is working on her own expenses. With the help of New Delhi based Friendicoes SECA, Kamini has organized an animal welfare and stray dog birth control and vaccination camp in Almora for the second year in a row. She needs your help and donations. Please get in touch with her at if you would like to donate cash or kind.

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